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Public promotion housing building competition at an affordable price.

Holder; Government of Andorra
Year; 2021


Start of work: August 2022

In progress.


Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)


The project is carried out according to the rules of the competition called for this purpose by the Government of Andorra in accordance with the MTH Terms and Conditions no. 1993.

The projected building is schematically divided into the following parts:

- Five floors underground parking

- A semi-subterranean parking floor (intended for parking)

- General access ground floor (for access, premises and housing)

- Eight floors of housing

The five basement floors and the semi-basement intended for parking and storage are located below the access level of Calle Terra Vella.

Direct access to the car park is via two ramps from Carrer Terra Vella.

There is also pedestrian access to the car park, direct, from the public square, equipped with a staircase and a lift. This access is intended for non-residents of the building so that they do not have to go through the entrance hall to the apartments.

The structure of the parking slabs is raised unevenly and connected by ramps for greater use of the space. A total of 228 parking spaces are obtained (20 double spaces, 176 individual spaces and 12 spaces adapted for people with reduced mobility) There are also 45 storage rooms.

Access for pedestrians is through a covered area on the ground floor, two elevator cores are planned linked to the two main volumes of housing.

Within this floor will also be located the two premises with independent access from the outside. One local for the Government of Andorra and another for the Commune of Andorra la Vella.

The rest of the ground floor, as well as the 8 floors above, will be used for housing, obtaining a total of 44 flats.

Above the semi-basement floor, a public access plaza is planned where a children's park will be located that will serve the entire neighborhood. It is expected that this place can have continuity in the future if the project continues to be developed towards the remaining part of the plot of the Comú d'Andorra la Vella.

Two actions are proposed on the covered floors of the building. One of them would become an urban garden, which will serve the residents of the building. The highest terrace will be used as a terrace and green area, a space also intended for residents

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