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Contest of ideas for the reform of Plaça del Poble i Vinyes

Holder; Municipality of Andorra la Vella
Year; 2023



Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)


INTEGRATIVE and UNIQUE PUBLIC SPACE idea. EMBLEMATIC image and pole as an ATTRACTION from all streets and nearby areas. Multi-activity center and MEETING place with MULTI-PURPOSE spaces. Place that is CONFIGURABLE to your seasonal needs and public events.
Space for INTERRELATION and CIRCULATION of pedestrians in all directions, linking social life, activities and commerce between the HISTORICAL TOWN, AVENUE MERITXELL, PRAT DE LA CREU and DOCTOR VILANOVA streets.
MODULATION of the paving in large manipulable pieces and possible access to lower services with variations in “checker” neutral colors and tectonic, non-slip finish, of different natural textures, REST AND ENJOYMENT ZONES, GAMES, ACTIVITIES and GREEN ZONES integrated into the composition.
The spaces can be modulated and rearranged through the furniture for CELEBRATIONS, such as traditional events, such as the Contrapás dance, Festa Major, Christmas activities, concerts and all kinds of public and social events.
The Bar and Casa Pairal are maintained, as it ARTICULATES the areas and IMPROVES the interrelationship and operation of the spaces for leisure activities and games in Plaça del Poble and the events and concerts in Plaça Vinyes.
The accessible paving with its OWN CHARACTER, defines and UNIFIES the project and
it reaches the adjacent areas and entrances and exits of the square, to attract people.

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