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Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. This discipline is based on the combination of technical, artistic and cultural knowledge to create functional and attractive spaces for its users.

Architecture involves the creation of projects that take into account the needs and demands of their clients, as well as the regulations and laws in force in construction. In addition, it is also important that architectural projects are sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Architects work in collaboration with other professionals such as engineers, builders, interior designers and landscapers to carry out architectural projects. The design and construction process of a building or structure can be very complex and involve different stages such as the conception of the initial idea, the making of drawings and models, the selection of materials and the supervision of the construction itself.


Architecture plays an important role in society, as the buildings and structures that architects design and construct influence the way people live, work and interact with their environment.

This is our catalog of services:


The company is dedicated to the complete realization of building projects, from preliminary studies to the executive project, through the preliminary design and the administrative project. In addition, it offers the complete processing of the project in front of the administration. It is also responsible for making the audit reports and the tendering processes of projects to ensure that the project does not have financial deviations. The construction management is carried out with an exhaustive economic monitoring and certificates of completion of the work are given, as well as the review of the certifications of the work executed. In short, the company offers a complete service in the field of construction, ensuring the quality and economic viability of the project.


We do projects to rehabilitate homes and buildings to adapt them to current needs for comfort and functionality, either with integral or partial reforms. It is a good time to carry out these works, as you can take advantage of the help from the Andorran government's housing rehabilitation program, which can subsidize up to 30% of the cost of the work and obtain a preferential loan.


Realization of traditional Borders, in land that can be developed, without the need to create a partial plan. Traditional Andorran architecture.


We have experience in gas station installations, and all their complementary services; express shop, washing machines, wheel changers.


Elevation of plans of existing buildings. Plans, elevations and sections. To have plans of old buildings, for a future reform or for other purposes. Delivery to the customer in digital and paper format.


Projects of commercial premises. External closures and resolution of accesses. Interior design of the premises


Completion of the technical documentation necessary to carry out the Horizontal Division of old properties, in order to adapt them to the Horizontal Property Law of Andorra. Elevation of plans, Calculation of participation coefficients, preparation of the necessary graphic documentation to present to the Notary.


Improvement of the exterior image of old buildings by also achieving an improvement in the thermal insulation of the building envelope, improving its energy efficiency and, therefore, reducing its energy consumption.


We will improve Andorra's architecture while improving the energy performance of the property park.


Industrial buildings usually with prefabricated concrete structure. Speed and economy in execution. 

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