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Urban planning is the discipline in charge of the study and planning of urban spaces, that is to say, the sets of constructions, buildings and infrastructures that make up the territory. The objective of town planning is to order and manage the growth and development of the territory to achieve a functional, sustainable and pleasant urban environment for its inhabitants.

For this reason, urban planning deals with different aspects such as the definition of land use zones (housing, facilities, green areas, etc.), the planning of accesses and road infrastructures, the protection of cultural heritage and history, the management of public services (water, energy, transport, etc.) and the promotion of urban policies that promote coexistence, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Urban planning is a multidisciplinary discipline that involves different professionals such as architects, engineers, geographers, sociologists, ecologists, among others, to be able to address all the aspects necessary for the planning and management of the territory.

This is our catalog of services:


Realization and processing of partial plans, to convert urbanizable soils into consolidated urban soils. Planning and rezoning project. Preliminary urbanization projects for the approval of the partial plan.

We carry out the demand and processing of all the complementary documentation, such as topographical, geological-geotechnical study, natural risk study, environmental impact studies... 


Rezoning projects, both for existing plots in consolidated urban land, and rezoning for the realization of Partial Plans.

Preparation of the notarial documentation necessary to deed the new parcels.


Realization of administrative, executive projects and construction management of housing estates. Both in the renovation of existing streets and in the creation of new streets.


Farm modification projects. Excavations and/or land filling. Retaining walls, breakwater walls. Administrative project, executive and construction management.

Request and processing of all additional documentation.

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