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Competition of Ideas for the new COEX Base

Holder; Government of Andorra
Year; 2016

2on premi of the ideas competition.


Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)


The location of the new COEX base is proposed on land located under the connecting viaducts at the east mouth of the Dos Valires tunnel. The implementation linked to an important node of the country's road network leads to the conception of the project as a reorganization with improvement of the current environment.


The general image wants to take into account and coexist with the natural environment of the area, where the Valira d'Orient river would be found with its meadows and the nearby mountains. 
The large dimension of the project makes volumetric control necessary to minimize its visual impact. With this objective, the building occupies the entire plot on the east side of the river in order to fulfill the functional program and not grow too high. 

The project creates a building to integrate the current spaces. It creates a large "natural" plinth that contains the most industrial part, of workshops and vehicles that remains hidden without visual impact and from which a more "present" element protrudes for the part of offices that opens to the South and takes certain prominence

The "natural" integration of the space to minimize the impact of the building is done in its more "industrial" part or plinth. The basement floors -1 and floor 0, the exterior finishes are a rock wall (at the base on the river side), a gabion finish wall also made of stone and finished in the upper parts of the facade with planks of natural wood. Shapes and finishes with stone, wood and vegetable materials "naturalize" the space. From this base comes the office area with a "modern" concept with concrete, metal and glass finishes. 

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