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Single-family border in only urbanizable 

Year; 2012
Approximate surface area; 200 m2
Project completed and completed


The project consists of the construction of a single-family house on a plot that can be built on, without the need to develop a partial plan. Therefore, it is of immediate construction even though it is not a consolidated urban soil.



The type of building combines the aesthetics and traditional appearance of the edges of the area, with contemporary technology and comfort. Both externally and internally, a rustic and aged appearance has been sought, which at the same time hides the most advanced technology.



The structure of the board is mixed, of concrete and wood, which gives the house an appearance of a rustic structure, with the solidity of concrete in terms of its harder core.



The board is a model in terms of the energy behavior of the involute of the building, especially in terms of the insulation of the whole facade and the roof.


However, wooden carpentry has been used, with a double objective, to meet the requirement of a rustic appearance, and to obtain greater thermal insulation. Therefore, the construction criteria of this board will make it possible to reduce the consumption of a standard building in a remarkable way.

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