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Contest of ideas for the remodeling of Carrer Mayor d'Ordino

Holder; Commune of Ordino
Year; 2011
Approximate surface area; 2000 m2
Made with qnAM Architecture team.
Architects co-authors; Jacint Gil and Josep Travé


The competition affects the remodeling of Carrer Mayor d'Ordino. It also includes the Plaça Major and the Raser area.


The proposal is very mindful of the conditions of the place where it is located; conservation and respect for the Natural environment, conservation and respect for the historical environment of the Old Town, respect for the traditions, customs and events of the parish, the culture of Iron... The main materials of the proposal are iron and stone. They meet the aesthetic criteria we require, with a very low maintenance cost.


For lighting, a low, bollard-type element is taken as the base element, to try not to visually affect all the built heritage of the environment. The proposal covers multiple aspects, such as street furniture, bar furniture, monumental lighting, signage for establishments...


The proposal is compatible with the multiple uses that the street has... commercial, recreational, catering, celebrating major holidays...

The proposal wants to be simple to implement, but it would make Carrer Mayor d'Ordino have a series of nuances that make it unique.


You can download the sheet, to see all the details of the proposal.

Unfortunately, the Commune of Ordino, with no desire to execute any work, decides to declare this competition void, even though 8 architectural firms from the country submitted.

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