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Reform and expansion of the Andorrà Shopping Center

Holder; Center Comercial Andorrà, SA.
Year; 2022


Work in progress


  • Architect: Pau Iglesias

  • Structure: Lock

  • Engineering: Enginesa


Construction company: UTE Cevalls - SIdeco


Project to expand the shopping center on two floors so that it will have a total of 5 floors.

The project also contemplates partially demolishing the area of the Biscariet passage, so that both ends of the passage (in the area of Av. Meritxell and the area of C/ de l'Aigüeta) remain open, and a central space of approximately 450m2 which would no longer be used by the Shopping Centre, and which will be a space to be used by the Municipality of Andorra la Vella as a children's park.

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