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Realization of the various certificates required by the public administration. We visit the property, process the certificate at the relevant department of the Government of Andorra, have the Certificate approved by the College of Architects of Andorra, and deliver it by hand to the Client. All this, in the minimum possible time, and with a very tight price.Ask us for information.

Certificate of occupancy


The Habitability Certificate is the document that certifies that a home meets the minimum habitability requirements determined by the Building Regulations. It is valid for 10 years, and all homes must have it in force. 


The visit to the property will be carried out by an Andorran architect who will verify compliance with all the points established in the building regulations regarding the obtaining of the certificate.


It is necessary for the contracting of the electrical supplier.


It is also necessary for the realization of the horizontal division of old buildings.

Do you need a certificate of occupancy?


Fill out the form below. With the address you give us, we check that this certificate really needs to be made, and if so, we contact you, tell you the price, and if you consider it correct, we set the date to visit the house.


So quick and easy. 




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Technical certificate related to accessibility


The technical certificate relating to accessibility is the document that certifies that a premises has the required level of accessibility in accordance with the accessibility law and regulations.


The site visit will be carried out by an Andorran architect who will check that the usual routes are the necessary according to the degree of accessibility required.


It is necessary for the opening of new businesses.

Do you need an accessibility certificate?


Fill out the form below. We will make you a quote and send it to you by email. Once accepted, we call you and set the date to visit the premises. You will receive the certificate 1 to 2 days later.


So quick and easy. 





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