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Service Station in Ordino

A new station concept

Owner: Enclar Carburants Andorran Station

Year: 2018


Service station project  and store


  • Project and construction management: Pau IGLESIAS and Jaime FERRIZ (Enginesa)

  • Manufacturer: URCOSA

  • Photos: Óscar LLauradó/ Nuno Magalhaes


Project carried out with 


The new service station in Ordino replaces the old gas station, completely changing the concept of the establishment from being a "gas station" where only fuel was supplied to a much broader concept, such asservice station.

In the new establishment, in addition to the supply of
fuel, you can count on complementary aspects such as the washing and vacuuming of vehicles, or the "Carrefour Express" store.


In onerelatively small plotof 2000 m2, multiple services have been located there, a fact that in the project phase has forced the simulation of vehicle circulation inside the plot, as well as the accesses and exits to the outside.


The windy climate of the area where it is located, and the desire of the business owner to make a well-protected gas station
of the climatic conditions, oblige to make a canopy of very large dimensions
only supported by 4 pillars.

Thelarge overhangof the same, together with the significant wind and snow loads in the area, make non-conventional structural solutions necessary, such as metal beams of variable section.


One of the most notable features of the service station is theintegration in the environmentusing
own materials of the buildings in the parish of Ordino. This fact combines tradition and technique in
the built set.

The service station also borders the Valira del Nord river. A masonry wall bordering the river has been built, with a treatment
embankment and vegetation of the river bed, which limits the height of the walls, avoids the canal effect and facilitates passage
of fauna for this vegetal margin.

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