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Reform of the FEDA offices in Clara Rabassa 

Year; 2012

Approximate surface area; 155 m2

Project completed and completed


The project consists of the interior reform of the office that FEDA has in the Clara Rabassa Building.



The office is completely reformed, although the reform of distributions is partial, while respecting the most sensitive elements and with greater difficulty moving, in order to keep the reform within a moderate budget.



The two existing work points are maintained, and an additional third is created, in an area delimited by glass partitions that allow a visual connection with the outside. 



The choice of materials has been made clear to enhance the brightness of the Office, given that it only has openings in a very small section of the facade and away from most of the office.



FEDA has installed all the lighting with LED technology, in order to obtain a high light performance with low consumption, all given as an example of energy efficiency.

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