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Contest of ideas for the reform of Casamanya Hotel

Holder; Municipality of Andorra la Vella
Year; 2023



Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)


The architectural intervention, beyond its purely constructive effect, has a historical reading objective, facilitating the understanding of the monument.

A country's cultural heritage is a treasure that must be preserved for future generations. Buildings listed as cultural heritage play a fundamental role in preserving the community's history and identity.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, it is necessary to seek to preserve the historical identity of the building. Original elements will be respected and restored whenever possible, and traditional techniques and materials will be used to maintain aesthetic and architectural consistency with the period in which it was built. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between preserving history and adapting the building to meet today's needs and standards.

Following the model of actions on buildings of great importance in European states, the intervention that is proposed is a secondary intervention, an intervention where the current building has an important character and this cannot be restored by the set of interventions, since the building is above personalisms. This is why it is sought not to touch the current monumental ensemble and to make a new core with secondary and light materials, with durability over time but replaceable by new materials and making it clear that the main actor is the current hotel and the new building (necessary to give utility to the existing one) has a secondary role.

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