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Contest for the beautification of the surroundings of the Engolasters Lake

Holder; Commune of Encamp

Year; 2007

Approximate surface area; 10 Ha

Made with qnAM team of Architecture.

Architects co-authors; Jacint Gil and Josep Travé




Project stopped


The project covers the entire Encampadana part of the Entorns del Lac d'Engolasters. It is an ambitious project, which affects multiple areas, and which will need to be implemented in phases.


It is included in the proposal, among other aspects; the reform of the Camí rotat (obligatory according to the Comú d'Encamp contract), turning area for vehicles at the end of the path, multiple itineraries for pedestrians, viewpoints over the parish, or over the lake itself from the dam, a walk at lake level, docks on the lake, a children's play area, an open amphitheater taking advantage of the topography of the land...



The project wins the ideas competition, but for the moment it has not been developed due to lack of budget.

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