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Contest of ideas  Parc Gran d'Encamp


Holder; Commune of Encamp
Year; 2020


Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)



A large leisure area with outdoor activities that takes advantage of the best views and the natural environment is the conceptual starting point to be able to fit in this privileged position the new large park of Encamp is the idea of "nÀtural".

A very important initial starting point is the natural section of the land and the respect for nature that provides us with the essentials of the program and rearranges the spaces.

Also the separation between vehicles and pedestrians and the creation of a new building on the side of the road to the North and facing South and towards the park and green spaces.

The unitary and permeable image with low height at the same time integrates the building and makes it breathe towards the outside with visuals and protects from the road.

Sustainability, "green" energies, efficient equipment, the separation and privacy of users and circulation, the protection of the entrance and related spaces with a polygonal roof and design solutions such as the vegetation of the facades provide an integrated image , modern and functional from the start in the new Prat Gran d'Areny and Prat del Germà leisure park.

“Natural” PROPOSAL 

The new park includes many functional needs also raised by the program:

  • A multidisciplinary sports area with ball and "skate" games.

  • A play area and shows.

  • The children's area with part for the third age to interact.

  • Another area for rest and enjoying nature.

  • Multifunctional building with police, youth, circulation and bar services. Functional and with attached spaces for your complementary activities and breaks, also enjoying the park.

  • Walking and general tours with areas for pets and collection in the building.

  • Open and functional access to other areas of Encamp such as the swimming pool, the sports center or parts of the village of interest.

It is therefore necessary from the start of the project to rule out total barriers or tall buildings in order to achieve, as would be the case with the proposal, greater integration into the park.

We think that a park cannot be autonomous and closed in on its own activities, which is why this proposal seeks dialogue with its environment. This initial idea makes use of levels and nature to enable indoor-outdoor relationships during day-to-day events and activities... In the squares and outdoor spaces, in the vegetal and open facades of the building , in the trees and vegetation in the car parks and looking for visual and panoramic views that are not closed.

In the building, the terraces are used to enjoy its exterior. Solar panels are possible on the flat roof. The spaces attached to the building are completed with light roofs blown to protect from inclement weather. The facade with lighting from the joints of led strips in the bands of vegetation on the facade will give a unique image of its own.

In the search for the best solution and balance for the new park project in its impact and integration with the environment, circulation has been segregated, separating vehicular traffic from pedestrian access, locating and protecting them in different areas and levels but interconnecting them and with pedestrian crossings where it "fits best".

It is planned to improve transport in the area, which with the proposed new car park separated to one side and on a rented land (placement of the building on its own land). This also facilitates independent wheeled mobility.

Different access points to the park have been planned and to interconnect all the current and foreseeable parts of Encamp so as not to concentrate visitors in a single point, with a continuity of the existing infrastructures and urban structures of the city that facilitate arrival and departure of users of the new park.

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