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Multi-family building - Pont de Fontaneda

Holder; private
Year; 2012

Multi-family building in Sant Julià de Lòria


Project carried out with the ENGINEERING team


  • Architects: Pau Iglesias


Construction company: Dragasa+Construccions Pujal


Thegeometry of the plotmade this project a challenge before it started. Surrounded by the Carretera de Fontaneda on its northern facade, and by the Camí de la Moixella on its northern facade, the plot is narrow, and with an elongated shape, which makes it difficult to project, especially with regard to the parking lots.


Despite being a single residential complex with identical exterior aesthetics, it is actually 3 buildings with the particularity that there are two separate properties. Although externally they are identical, on an internal level, each block has been made differently according to the preferences of each of the owners

Acompositional level, the building is supported on a stone base that surrounds the parking floors, before reaching the cantilevered area. From the overhang upwards, the entire facade is made with horizontal strips of black basalt and alucobond, which mark a horizontal line, and which link the 3 different levels of each of the buildings.


Technically, thestructureof the building is very complex. Starting with the maintenance work on the Fontaneda road, where an anchored jet-grouting screen of more than 10m high had to be built, to support a very unfavorable ground for excavation works. The structure is also of complex geometry, with inclined screens, to resolve supports in different planes without the need to perform flashing.

At the level of interiors, the building stands out for the interior luminosity of all its parts. The building has a lot of facade in relation to its built-up area, which allows for natural lighting in almost all the rooms of the houses. The choice of materials has been made to offer warm environments in the living room and bedrooms, and cooler environments in the kitchen areas and bathrooms.

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