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Multi-family building - Residential Escàs

Holder; private
Year; 2016

Residential complex of 12 homes  in Escàs


Project carried out with the ENGINESA team


  • Architects: Pau Iglesias_ Joan Mateu Jofre

  • Collaborators: Sonia Palau Garcia

  • Structure: Jordi Gajas Giralt


Construction company: Dragasa


In oneenvironmentexceptional in nature, located above the village of Escàs and in a privileged position with views over the Massana, the RESIDENTIAL ESCÀS complex is born.  A residential complex with a total of12 homes  of different sizes and proportions but with one point in common, the quality and spaciousness of the interior spaces reinforced by the transparencies between interior and exterior that enhance this spatial spaciousness.


The building combinestradition and technology. A plastered facade of natural stone culminates under concrete roof overhangs with a large perimeter edge that prevent the view of the slate slab and which are one of the characteristic points of this promotion. These overhangs, and the whitish synthetic wood cladding, create a light-dark contrast on the building's own facade.


Another of the singular points of the facade are the enormous two-story turnips that support a large onefly awayof the concrete roof under which there are two large balconies without any perimeter support.


The perimeter corners of the facades in the living rooms are supported by a light metal pillar integrated into the perimeter aluminum carpentry, giving a feeling of lightness to the whole.


Some have been searched forwarm finishesfor the interior of homes, in all rooms. In the main rooms, a dark parquet in contrast to the rest of the light elements is the material chosen to give the rooms this warmth. In bathrooms and kitchens, it is the furniture finished in natural wood that provides this warm texture.


In the underground plants we find the set ofparking boxesclosed for each of the homes. Some of them with the particularity of having a direct and private access from the car park to the house. But in the basement we don't only find parking lots. oneplay areawith gym, sauna, spa... makes this promotion even more exclusive.


Theair conditioningof each of the homes is independent. It opts for an aerothermic system,   avoiding fossil fuels, using more sustainable energy and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The design of the building takes into account criteria ofenergy efficiencyto make a low consumption building. Home automation allows you to control the entire system, and makes it even easier to save energy through the programming and optimization of the air conditioning.


In short, a project and a construction to create 12 quality homes characterized by being located in a natural environment with exceptional views over the parish of La Massana.

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