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Valuations - Real estate valuations / Expert reports

Appraisals | Real estate valuations

We carry out valuations of all types of properties, always following the ECO/805/2003 standard applying the most appropriate valuation method in each case. 


We value;

  • Housing in general, new or second-hand: apartments, flats, duplexes and penthouses, lofts, studios, houses and villas, etc...

  • Entire buildings

  • land

  • Commercial premises

  • Offices and offices.

  • Parking lots

  • Industrial buildings


For purposes;

  • For consultation or advice

  • Mortgage companies

  • Distribution of inheritances.

  • judicial

  • For investment studies.

  • Determination of real estate assets for companies. 

  • ...


Expert reports

The activity of experts in the judicial field is particularly important as the court needs technical knowledge that it does not have when making a decision related to a sentence. The judicial evidence is the instrument that provides this knowledge to the court.


We make the report or judicial opinion following the fundamental starting point based on the quality, objectivity and impartiality of the expert. 


We are part of the Association of Expert Architects of Andorra (AEPA)

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