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Ideas Competition - Radiotherapy Unit

Holder; Government of Andorra
Year; 2018

3rd prize of the Ideas Contest.


Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)



The conception of the project comes from the conditions of the program of the "Radiotherapy Unit", with very specific needs for isolation, dimensions and use.

The body of the building is implanted on the plot as an integrating volume, oriented to the visuals and based on the level of the land respecting the conditions and enabling the idea of possible futuresextensionswith the design of a facade prepared and definitive for that purpose.

Outdoor spaces are also used to createenvironments of interrelationin the form of a public square and which will contain small elements such as benches and planters. In addition, there is an area after the protection strip of the tunnel's emergency exit that can be used for the necessary purposes, such as waiting for ambulances or emergency stops.



The project is developed on two levels to take advantage of and optimize the communications, circulations, spaces and connections of the building itself and with the hospital. The natural unevenness of the terrain has been used to createtwo accesses, on the ground floor for the public and on the first floor for staff from the outside stairs.

Theground floorlinked to the servicegeneraland radiology treatment room has a separate covered external access for people and possible ambulance.

TheFirst floorof specialist work has accessexclusiveof staff and access from the current Hospital with 2 freight elevators, ambulance area and pre-existing stairs. This makes the whole buildinginterconnectedwith different levels of the current onehospital

The internal connection of the two levels of the Radiotherapy unit is made through a staircase and a bunk bed or elevator for people and bunk beds.



The building in its conception, the form and the materials that make it up are related to the environment always in a key of integration.

They are usedsustainable and renewable materialslike wood; abundant as stone (same as the hospital by integration); detachable such as steel in the blades and corten steel (present in the bridge and with which it is integrated); concrete (structural and barite due to radiological insulating specificities); the glass (to illuminate and in windows to ventilate spaces). The materials must be used for areduce operating energy.

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