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Contest entrance to the Communal Natural Park of Les Valls del Comapedrosa.


Holder; Commune of La Massana
Year; 2019


First prize 


Project carried out with

Jacint Gil Rodríguez (GIL architecture)

Builder: Unitas


The project corresponds to the remodeling and beautification of the access to the Communal Natural Park of Les Valls del Comapedrosa and is carried out according to the winning project of the Contest of ideas called for this purpose by the Commune of Massana.


An idea integrated into the environment, which does not detract from the prominence of the view of the Comapedrosa peak, at the entrance to the Park. It contrasts and modulates the large masonry dyke for avalanche protection in the area.

The proposal with vertical wooden slats adds perspective to this dike while also serving as a support, thus taking advantage of the site's synergies.

Downplay false tunnels. The fake river tunnel can be hidden behind the performance of wooden slats. The false traffic tunnel must lose the importance it has with black finishes and paint, and incorporate the signs that are possible inside the tunnel.

The geometry of the blades in its architectural ensemble focuses with a visual point centered on the mouth of the tunnel, directing the visitor and encouraging him to enter the unforgettable experience of the Comapedrosa Valley.

The signage is integrated with the cutting of the slats in the design itself and is visualized with the play of lights and shadows both during the day with natural lighting and at night with the use of LED lights.

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