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  • Pau Iglesias Rodríguez, Arquitecte

Fair BAU Munich

I had the opportunity to visit the BAU construction fair in Munich with the help of WICONA España. The fair is one of the most important worldwide in the construction and architecture sector.

The BAU fair was held in a huge area with numerous thematic pavilions, each one focused on a different aspect of construction and architecture. I am particularly impressed by the variety and number of exhibitors present at the fair, from materials manufacturers to service and technology companies.

To some extent it reminded me of the Construmat fair in Barcelona in its best times.

I was able to see the latest innovations in construction materials, construction technologies and sustainable architectural solutions. In the same way, I spent a lot of time with the software and management booths for architecture offices, because they are increasingly efficient.

In general, my visit to the BAU fair has been a very enriching experience, as I have been able to see the latest trends and technologies in the construction and architecture sector, as well as meet prominent professionals in the sector.

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